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10 Game Winning Streak

So the Reds were on fire for the last 10 games prior to last night’s game. Then they decided to come home and completely fall apart. We were there and we left when it was 10-4, which is something we never ever do. Neither one of us felt like being exhausted because we stayed to watch our team get their butts kicked into the ground. We did get to walk down to the new park with the colorful waterfalls and fountains, so that was nice. I really enjoyed it. Matt says we’ll take a picnic down there sometime soon. 🙂

Another good thing about the 10 game winning streak? Marty is going to shave his head. I’ve heard Saturday since he has to shoot some commercials this week. Can hardly wait to see it.

We’ve been recording and watching as many Olympics as possible and it’s been wonderful. I’m pretty sad that we missed the opening ceremonies though. Stupid DVR ate it all up. We’ve been able to catch little bits and pieces of it with the other Olympic events but I need to look it up online to see if I can find more.

Sunday, we got our photobook from our photographer and I am in love with it. He did such a fantastic job that I will never get sick of looking at it. I took it to work yesterday and spent probably an hour and a half showing it off around the office. Then the bus. It was so fun to share with others and I can’t wait to continue to do so with as many friends and family as possible.

My best friend found this picture and said it would be Matt & I except in Reds uniforms. I think it’s adorable and totally plan on doing this when we’re old enough.

In other news, I’m reading Tale As Old As Time – The Making of Beauty and the Beast right now as well as the Resolution for Women and I love it. It’s my absolute favorite Disney movie and I will love it for all eternity. It you enjoy that kind of thing, it has a lot of background information, drawings of characters and scenes the did and didn’t make the movie, etc. I’m not even finished and two parts have already made me cry.

1) They were talking about the ending when Beast is dying and how they knew they had struck gold with it because even the guys working on it had tears in their eyes. Not that I needed any more reasons to cry at that part.

2) They were talking about how Angela Landsbury was the perfect choice for Tale As Old As Time and how her softness and imperfection made the song perfect. I’ll admit I have an extra-soft spot for this song now because Matt surprised me at the reception by requesting it to be played and dancing with me. I love that man.

Tomorrow I have work and dinner with mom and several of our female friends/family for two of their birthdays. Going to Chucks (better known as O’Charleys)!

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Another Year of VBS Gone Bye-Bye

Well tonight was the closing ceremony for VBS, complete with the adorable singing and motions and free ice cream. I just hope most of the kids went up to grab their crafts. Tracking them down is never fun.

I’m joining the coordinator of the whole thing in spirit by drinking a glass of Riesling. She told us she’d be enjoying some adult beverages since it was all finally, yet quickly, over. It really was a great year.

This weekend, we aren’t even leaving the apartment until Sunday and only for church services and lunch with my family. It’s going to be downright amazing and needed after this long week. Especially since we woke up later that normal just about every day this week. Today took the cake though. We woke up at 6:39 and I still got to work by 7:10. I’m a beast. We will have some company on Sunday night though, True Blood time with my Matt, my best friend and her boyfriend.

I’m working on a married bio through here complete with pictures and little remarks about our wedding day. I’m pretty excited about it and hope it turns out well.

I started reading the Revolution for Women and I highly recommend it for any Christian readers out there. Before you read it, you may want to grab a box of kleenex and watch Courageous since it was inspired by that movie. Truly amazing. Truly.


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Probably Not Sleeping Much Tonight

My amazing photographer is on his way to our apartment as I type this with CDs of all of our pictures from the wedding. I am beyond excited!!! It’s already 9:40pm so I’m guessing I’ll need a Mt. Dew in the morning.

Beyond that, nothing really exciting happened today. We had one of those frozen PF Changs meals for two for dinner tonight with some wild rice and edamame. Have enough edamame left for another dinner or sides with packed lunches.

And now I can’t stop thinking about when he’s going to get here with the pictures! So excited!

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