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People Take Movies Way Too Seriously

This is long so consider this your warning.

So please know that this is not meant to take away from the tragedy in Colorado for the same movie this experience took place because of. It would have been ridiculous no matter what.

Matt, my brother and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises Saturday evening at 8:30 in IMAX (it was amazing, but I digress). The theater we went to has a different process to make things easier for premiere weekends of big movies. Normally you go up the single escalator on the right hand side and they take your ticket there. For these special weekends, they reverse the escalators so that there’s a ticket taker on the bottom of the left hand side escaltors and you go up there after you wait in special lines. They have lines on the lower escalator level for each show time, marked appropriately but only two at a time due to space restraints. I promise this is important information.

SO we got there around 7pm to try and get a good seat. We ask the ticket taker where the line for the 8:30 IMAX showing is and he tells us there isn’t one yet and to get in line with the 7:30 IMAX people. So clearly, that is what we do.

These other patrons start their own line next to the 7:30 IMAX line, declaring it to be the 8:30 IMAX line. Our line starts moving. We get up to the front and we stop to let the other 7:30 people pass us by, as per directions from the employee. Jerks over in the self-declared IMAX line start yelling at us, saying we cut in line blah blah blah. We tell them we only did what the employee asked of us and they continue to be extremely rude. I’m getting a little heated but before I do anything, I go and ask the employee we spoke with about where to go for clarification. Guess what, I was right. He told everyone to get in the 7:30 line and they didn’t listen.

I go back to them and tell them this information that they refuse to believe (poor employee was stuck at the ticket taker booth and couldn’t move from it) or come with me to speak to him about it. They kept saying they’d wait until an employee came down to tell us all they were right and then we’d be farther back in line. Right…

We let it go. They continue to be extremely rude so we get a little miffed again. They wanted us to “own up” to something I’m not sure of (y’know, besides we can follow directions and they can’t). I go back up to the employee and he tells me to go upstairs to get someone to come down and take care of it. I do, they’re very sorry, someone will be down, blah blah blah.

No one comes down. I go back in line and the 4 people who were most vocal about us “cutting” have now moved themselves to the front of the line. OH NO WE ARE ONLY 4-7 IN LINE FOR A HUGE THEATER, WE ARE NEVER GOING TO GET A GOOD SEAT. /sarcasm

They continue to be jerks so I go up to the employee again, apologize for bothering him but I won’t be treated this way, and he asks me to go upstairs again, making sure someone comes down with me. Turns out I go up there only to have to come back down to talk to an employee in a Robin costume. This is when I start to laugh inside and pray that he will come over, in his ROBIN costume and put these jerks in their place. Well he doesn’t, but what he does is almost better. He tells me to have us all go up right now and be the first in the theater after they clear it out.

So we get our awesome seats and sit down. The group of four come into the theater about 5-10 minutes later and the one says “Oh look, they’re here”. Obviously none of us say anything to them because IT IS JUST A FREAKING MOVIE GET OVER YOURSELF.

Talking about it later, I decided that I should have found out if they have a soul or not by asking them if they realized people died the day prior in a theater for this very same movie. If that hadn’t shut them up, who knew what would. I’m mostly kidding with that part.

Oh and when Matt and I went to see the Hunger Games on premiere weekend, the same thing happened to us except we were the ones in the wrong line. Guess what we did? Got in the back of the line realizing we were wrong. AMAZING HOW THAT WORKS.

So that was our experience before the movie even started. Gotta wonder how some people were raised honestly. The movie was amazing and if you intend on seeing it, I wouldn’t read this next part.


They better make a Nightwing or another Batman movie with Robin or “Robin” taking over the Batman role. I’m leaning towards wanting Nightwing since that’s completely new to the movie world and the movie world needs new. Dark Knight Rises seriously topped Dark Knight and Batman Begins and both of those are amazing in their own right. The twist with HER being the daughter of Razagoul (totally butchered spelling, I know) instead of Bane being the son blew my mind. I was not expecting that at all. Amazing.


Oh, and I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Saturday. AMAZING. ❤ Kind of strange but the first thing that came to my mind at the end of the book was whether or not Hermoine goes back to fix her parent’s memories. I assume she did but I wish there would have been a small mention of it happening. Now I want to watch all of the movies again. Pronto!

In other news, this week is VBS at church and I’m once again finding myself in crafts, my favorite place to be. It’s been great. I had a moment where I really missed teaching because I got through to a child like no one else had apparently all day. We were making bubble magnets out of predrawn pictures the children could color but he wasn’t interested in any of those pictures. So I flipped it over and asked if he wanted to draw any of his own pictures. He still wasn’t interested so I decided to try one last thing – I drew a circle around one of the marbles and wrote his name on the inside. Finally, he was excited! He cut it out himself, glued it to the marble and asked me to draw another circle. He wound up making one for each of his parents, his brother and their dog. After the kids left, one of the guides came back to thank me for getting through to him and getting him engaged. Apparently he hadn’t done much all day. Today, it was participating without much prodding! It was wonderful.

Looking forward to two more days of crafts and the closing program!

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