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Reach for the Moon

Even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars.

Okay, enough corniness. 😉 I crossed another thing off of my Day Zero Project list!

Wednesday I used my community service day from work to finally volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and I can tell you that it will for sure not be the last time I volunteer with that organization. Myself and two coworkers spent the morning putting insulation into the basement and cutting the blue insulation to go between the beams. We had to get a little creative with some of them when it came to pipes and wires getting in the way but it was a fun puzzle for us. Meanwhile, two other coworkers were building shelving in the various closets and another was all the way in the once useless top floor grouting shower tile.


When we broke for lunch we had to get creative yet again because no one, including the Subway delivery guy, remembered plates. We improvised though. Tops of plastic cookie containers make great plates.

After lunch we continued with the our previous duties and then did a lot of clean-up while learning more about the wonderful program that is Habitat. We also got to see the original plans of the house and the renovation floor plans. Very interesting stuff. We even got to meet the home owner! The site leaders of this house signed on to the project as their thesis and they even have their own blog!

I’ve also decided to add some pictures where possible to the items marked as done on my list to add some more flair to it.

In other news, I got a part-time job at a tutoring company (SO EXCITED), the third book in the Divergent series has finally been named and there’s only 164 more days until it is mine to read, I tried (and loved) yet another Pinterest recipe with edamame and in less than a month, I’ll be married for year.

Where does the time GO?

Tomorrow is my brother-in-law’s college graduation and next weekend we’re going to Columbus for an extended weekend trip. We’re seeing Les Mis and I am so excited!

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New Year Shenanigans

It’s my first post about what’s actually going on in our life for 2013. I am quite enjoying the prompts though.

Since this is “Scraps of Life”, it seems only appropriate to mention I’m almost finished with the honeymoon scrapbook. After I finish I’ll pick my favorite pages and make a post about them. It’s only been 7 months today since the wedding, it’s all good.

Anywho, we rang in the new year in our usual fashion of getting all dressed up and going to O’Charley’s then back to my aunt and uncle’s house for board games and movies. It wound up being only Matt and I with my brother and cousin playing Pictionary until around 11:30 when everyone else showed up from their pub crawl. Good times, good times.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

On New Years Day we met Matt’s parents at the Levee for lunch and the two of us went to see two movies, Les Mis and This is 40. I absolutely loved Les Mis and found the voices to mostly be absolutely wonderful. I won’t get too crazy in depth but the only one I wasn’t 100% loving was Amanda Seyfried. Anna Hathaway and Hugh Jackman’s performances made me cry. So very well done. This Is 40 was okay. I enjoyed it but it just seemed to be lacking something and I wished they would have turned over a new leaf way earlier in the movie.

We’ve been to two NKU basketball games and a Cyclones hockey game already this year. Norse women won and the men lost even though they really should have won. Cyclones lost too. Our games attended 2013 record needs to improve!

I have set my book goal for 50 books read in 2013 (again). Let’s hope I can get more than 32 books this year!

2013 is looking goooooood!

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Call Me Ishmael (Or not, that’s cool too)

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.”

Today’s daily prompt was a little hard to narrow down. I love a lot of books so choosing my favorite to pull the first sentence from was harder than I thought it would be. I started out with To Kill a Mockingbird but since we don’t even own that book (ironic, I know) I had to Google for the opening line which brought me to a site with some of the best book openings. It led me to another favorite, one that I actually own. The fancy, gold leafed complete and unabridged version with all five books from the series in it, as a matter of fact. The More Than Complete Hitchhikers Guide by Douglas Adams, of which, the sentence above is pulled from the first book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Full of hilarity and truth

Pulling that book off the shelf and holding it in my hands again makes me want to reread it all which I know I’ll get to eventually. It also pulls me back to when I first took it off the shelf at my parent’s house. We still had a swing set in the backyard, given to us by a neighbor when they moved, and it was where I did a lot of my reading.

Hitchhiker’s Guide is one of the funniest and truthful books ever written. It’s a fact of life. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you get up right now and go to the library or bookstore. Even better yet, if you have a Nook, Kindle or other E-Reader, download it and start reading it in the comfort of your pajamas.

Another thing, if you’ve seen the movie, erase it’s horrible attempt at the book from your memory. Seriously. In comparison, it’s absolutely terrible.


Insurgent – Now We Wait

Listen, Veronica Roth, I would really appreciate it if you got the third installment of the Divergent series written well and published prior to Fall 2013. 😉 Insurgent was just wonderfully written, shocked me and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The seat that I am now hanging off of and I’m not sure if I can hang on that long!

Unlike last time, there’s going to be a few spoilers ahead so yup, don’t read ahead if you plan on reading the book.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

So my biggest anger moment with this book came from Caleb. I could not believe it when Tris found out that he was helping the enemy perform tests on her with the well-known fact that she planned on killing her. Then he wouldn’t even fill his own sister in the information he knew to attempt to make her understand. I didn’t get enough information in the end regarding Caleb to know if he should be forgiven or not yet. Since Tobias had to force him to help them out, I’m leaning way more towards not forgiving but I really want to. He’s the only blood family Tris has left and I feel like that needs to be reconciled somehow.

All of that anger however, only comes from caring about the characters and is not a reflection on how I feel about the book. I think it’s pretty obvious from the beginning of my post that I love these books and cannot wait for the next one.

Anywho, I am really glad that the Tobias and Tris relationship has been reconciled again. I don’t know if I could have handled waiting a year for that on top of everything else.

Little did I know that the last few pages would throw me for the biggest loop of them all. Edith Prior? Is that Tris’s grandma? If so, who’s mom? Did she really think the factions wouldn’t backfire and cause war? How long did she and the others who started the factions think it would take to produce a decent amount of Divergents?

So many more questions!!

I will be stalking Veronica’s blog now. I really like the countdowns for the first two books and will be annoying everyone with one for the third once it’s created.  You’ve been warned.

Have you read Insurgent? What are your thoughts?

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Divergent – A World of Factions’ve never thought I would be glad to have gone out shopping on Black Friday but after reading this, I can say with 100% certainty that I’m glad I ventured out into the madness. It allowed me to pick up Divergent by Veronica Roth for only $5, start reading it on November 24 and finish on December 1. Had that pesky thing called work not gotten in the way, it would have been finished even before today. I had a hard time putting it down for anything. Today, I even had it in a bar while two basketball games were going on, one of which I was really excited for. Still couldn’t stop reading. Then I got to read the first 21 pages of the sequel, Insurgent as a sneak peak was available in the back of the book. I must wait until Monday to continue when we pick it up then Fall 2013 when the third book comes out! It’s been a while since I’ve had to wait for a book to come out and I’m not sure how to feel! 😉

I highly recommend this book to anyone, but if you enjoyed the Hunger Games Trilogy, then I know you would enjoy this book. I loved that trilogy and I found myself even more in love with this trilogy from just the first book than the Hunger Games Trilogy.

I really felt drawn into this book from page one and Roth really kept my attention throughout. I would be on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen and the next thing I knew, that conflict was over and another one came in it’s midst. Constantly something to look forward to, to wonder about, to go deeper into.

The world that she has made shows so many parts of the human nature, broken down into all the good parts, which as you soon find out, always has it’s flip side. You have Abnegation: The Selfless, Amity: The Peaceful, Candor: The Honest, Erudite: The Intelligent and Dauntless: The Brave. Outside of these factions, there are those that show traits for multiple factions, the Divergent. The “rebels”. They must choose a faction and try to fit in as the government sees the divergent as a threat.

Tris, whom tests divergent, chooses to transfer from being selfless, where she thought she never fit in, to being brave and learns that the Dauntless have mangled the true meaning of bravery. They’ve transformed it into something unrecognizable from the intentions of it’s founders years ago. Tris learns that to be selfless is to be brave. She falls in love in a fluid, natural way. It’s refreshing and sweet; something that you just can’t help but root for. She faces conflict after conflict. They are varied and interesting, each on different from the last.

Even though she leaves her parents and her brother leaves for Erudite, they all find themselves back together again, making huge sacrifices for each other. It’s a beautiful dynamic.

For fun, I took the faction quiz in the back of the book and I seem to belong to the Abnegation faction followed by Erudite and a little bit of Candor. Now the question comes, is that enough to make me divergent?

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy Divergent. While you’re at it, save yourself the predicament I’m in and buy them both at the same time.


10 Game Winning Streak

So the Reds were on fire for the last 10 games prior to last night’s game. Then they decided to come home and completely fall apart. We were there and we left when it was 10-4, which is something we never ever do. Neither one of us felt like being exhausted because we stayed to watch our team get their butts kicked into the ground. We did get to walk down to the new park with the colorful waterfalls and fountains, so that was nice. I really enjoyed it. Matt says we’ll take a picnic down there sometime soon. 🙂

Another good thing about the 10 game winning streak? Marty is going to shave his head. I’ve heard Saturday since he has to shoot some commercials this week. Can hardly wait to see it.

We’ve been recording and watching as many Olympics as possible and it’s been wonderful. I’m pretty sad that we missed the opening ceremonies though. Stupid DVR ate it all up. We’ve been able to catch little bits and pieces of it with the other Olympic events but I need to look it up online to see if I can find more.

Sunday, we got our photobook from our photographer and I am in love with it. He did such a fantastic job that I will never get sick of looking at it. I took it to work yesterday and spent probably an hour and a half showing it off around the office. Then the bus. It was so fun to share with others and I can’t wait to continue to do so with as many friends and family as possible.

My best friend found this picture and said it would be Matt & I except in Reds uniforms. I think it’s adorable and totally plan on doing this when we’re old enough.

In other news, I’m reading Tale As Old As Time – The Making of Beauty and the Beast right now as well as the Resolution for Women and I love it. It’s my absolute favorite Disney movie and I will love it for all eternity. It you enjoy that kind of thing, it has a lot of background information, drawings of characters and scenes the did and didn’t make the movie, etc. I’m not even finished and two parts have already made me cry.

1) They were talking about the ending when Beast is dying and how they knew they had struck gold with it because even the guys working on it had tears in their eyes. Not that I needed any more reasons to cry at that part.

2) They were talking about how Angela Landsbury was the perfect choice for Tale As Old As Time and how her softness and imperfection made the song perfect. I’ll admit I have an extra-soft spot for this song now because Matt surprised me at the reception by requesting it to be played and dancing with me. I love that man.

Tomorrow I have work and dinner with mom and several of our female friends/family for two of their birthdays. Going to Chucks (better known as O’Charleys)!

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Another Year of VBS Gone Bye-Bye

Well tonight was the closing ceremony for VBS, complete with the adorable singing and motions and free ice cream. I just hope most of the kids went up to grab their crafts. Tracking them down is never fun.

I’m joining the coordinator of the whole thing in spirit by drinking a glass of Riesling. She told us she’d be enjoying some adult beverages since it was all finally, yet quickly, over. It really was a great year.

This weekend, we aren’t even leaving the apartment until Sunday and only for church services and lunch with my family. It’s going to be downright amazing and needed after this long week. Especially since we woke up later that normal just about every day this week. Today took the cake though. We woke up at 6:39 and I still got to work by 7:10. I’m a beast. We will have some company on Sunday night though, True Blood time with my Matt, my best friend and her boyfriend.

I’m working on a married bio through here complete with pictures and little remarks about our wedding day. I’m pretty excited about it and hope it turns out well.

I started reading the Revolution for Women and I highly recommend it for any Christian readers out there. Before you read it, you may want to grab a box of kleenex and watch Courageous since it was inspired by that movie. Truly amazing. Truly.


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People Take Movies Way Too Seriously

This is long so consider this your warning.

So please know that this is not meant to take away from the tragedy in Colorado for the same movie this experience took place because of. It would have been ridiculous no matter what.

Matt, my brother and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises Saturday evening at 8:30 in IMAX (it was amazing, but I digress). The theater we went to has a different process to make things easier for premiere weekends of big movies. Normally you go up the single escalator on the right hand side and they take your ticket there. For these special weekends, they reverse the escalators so that there’s a ticket taker on the bottom of the left hand side escaltors and you go up there after you wait in special lines. They have lines on the lower escalator level for each show time, marked appropriately but only two at a time due to space restraints. I promise this is important information.

SO we got there around 7pm to try and get a good seat. We ask the ticket taker where the line for the 8:30 IMAX showing is and he tells us there isn’t one yet and to get in line with the 7:30 IMAX people. So clearly, that is what we do.

These other patrons start their own line next to the 7:30 IMAX line, declaring it to be the 8:30 IMAX line. Our line starts moving. We get up to the front and we stop to let the other 7:30 people pass us by, as per directions from the employee. Jerks over in the self-declared IMAX line start yelling at us, saying we cut in line blah blah blah. We tell them we only did what the employee asked of us and they continue to be extremely rude. I’m getting a little heated but before I do anything, I go and ask the employee we spoke with about where to go for clarification. Guess what, I was right. He told everyone to get in the 7:30 line and they didn’t listen.

I go back to them and tell them this information that they refuse to believe (poor employee was stuck at the ticket taker booth and couldn’t move from it) or come with me to speak to him about it. They kept saying they’d wait until an employee came down to tell us all they were right and then we’d be farther back in line. Right…

We let it go. They continue to be extremely rude so we get a little miffed again. They wanted us to “own up” to something I’m not sure of (y’know, besides we can follow directions and they can’t). I go back up to the employee and he tells me to go upstairs to get someone to come down and take care of it. I do, they’re very sorry, someone will be down, blah blah blah.

No one comes down. I go back in line and the 4 people who were most vocal about us “cutting” have now moved themselves to the front of the line. OH NO WE ARE ONLY 4-7 IN LINE FOR A HUGE THEATER, WE ARE NEVER GOING TO GET A GOOD SEAT. /sarcasm

They continue to be jerks so I go up to the employee again, apologize for bothering him but I won’t be treated this way, and he asks me to go upstairs again, making sure someone comes down with me. Turns out I go up there only to have to come back down to talk to an employee in a Robin costume. This is when I start to laugh inside and pray that he will come over, in his ROBIN costume and put these jerks in their place. Well he doesn’t, but what he does is almost better. He tells me to have us all go up right now and be the first in the theater after they clear it out.

So we get our awesome seats and sit down. The group of four come into the theater about 5-10 minutes later and the one says “Oh look, they’re here”. Obviously none of us say anything to them because IT IS JUST A FREAKING MOVIE GET OVER YOURSELF.

Talking about it later, I decided that I should have found out if they have a soul or not by asking them if they realized people died the day prior in a theater for this very same movie. If that hadn’t shut them up, who knew what would. I’m mostly kidding with that part.

Oh and when Matt and I went to see the Hunger Games on premiere weekend, the same thing happened to us except we were the ones in the wrong line. Guess what we did? Got in the back of the line realizing we were wrong. AMAZING HOW THAT WORKS.

So that was our experience before the movie even started. Gotta wonder how some people were raised honestly. The movie was amazing and if you intend on seeing it, I wouldn’t read this next part.


They better make a Nightwing or another Batman movie with Robin or “Robin” taking over the Batman role. I’m leaning towards wanting Nightwing since that’s completely new to the movie world and the movie world needs new. Dark Knight Rises seriously topped Dark Knight and Batman Begins and both of those are amazing in their own right. The twist with HER being the daughter of Razagoul (totally butchered spelling, I know) instead of Bane being the son blew my mind. I was not expecting that at all. Amazing.


Oh, and I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Saturday. AMAZING. ❤ Kind of strange but the first thing that came to my mind at the end of the book was whether or not Hermoine goes back to fix her parent’s memories. I assume she did but I wish there would have been a small mention of it happening. Now I want to watch all of the movies again. Pronto!

In other news, this week is VBS at church and I’m once again finding myself in crafts, my favorite place to be. It’s been great. I had a moment where I really missed teaching because I got through to a child like no one else had apparently all day. We were making bubble magnets out of predrawn pictures the children could color but he wasn’t interested in any of those pictures. So I flipped it over and asked if he wanted to draw any of his own pictures. He still wasn’t interested so I decided to try one last thing – I drew a circle around one of the marbles and wrote his name on the inside. Finally, he was excited! He cut it out himself, glued it to the marble and asked me to draw another circle. He wound up making one for each of his parents, his brother and their dog. After the kids left, one of the guides came back to thank me for getting through to him and getting him engaged. Apparently he hadn’t done much all day. Today, it was participating without much prodding! It was wonderful.

Looking forward to two more days of crafts and the closing program!

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Good News – I Read 108 Pages Today

The bad news, I was stuck on the bus on the way “home” for an hour and forty five minutes due to a terrible 10-car pile-up on 471. Eight people were sent to the hospital, one by air care. I just hope they’re okay, the news hasn’t said yet but the wreck did close the highway down for four hours.

Being on the bus was interesting for sure because we were just dead stopped watching emergency vehicles pass on the shoulder for quite some time. Then we started seeing tons of cars turning around and driving in the wrong direction on the shoulder, appearing that police officers closer to the wreck were telling them to do this then drive back up the entrance ramp. Eventually there’s enough open space for the bus to turn around but the driver’s idea of turning around involved literally driving backwards up the entrance ramp, y’know until the cop told him to turn around and drive forward. I seriously thought we were going to cause another accident.

Thankfully, I made it to Raniero’s pretty darn close to on time and before the birthday boy! It was a great time. Matt and I even had some completely alone time with our niece while sister in law went to get milk for her. She was playful and happy while she was gone as well. We had the meat-lovers pizza and demolished it between the two of us. It was so delicious and I will for sure be going back.

The other highlight of the day was finally catching some free concerts from the World Choir Games on fountain square. It was super packed so I just found an empty table, sans chair, and stood eating my food. It was great to be able to be outside, eat and listen to beautiful music for an hour. I got to hear some kind of English-speaking children’s choir sing Love Shack, a children’s choir from Hong Kong and a gospel choir from Germany. It was delightful.

My D23 membership 23-month calendar showed up today as well and it’s really cool! Lots of old concept drawings for the Disney movies, most of which look nothing like the finished product. I find that all very interesting. Best part was that my friend at the post office sent a picture of it today and attached a post it note to the box saying him and his wife missed us. 🙂

Tomorrow is finally Friday and I am so excited. We’re going to the Reds vs. Cardinals game, hoping the Reds come back from the All-Star break with a fire under their butts!

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Month of Marriage, Hunger Games & Solitude

Monday was an awesome day merely because Matt and I had been married a whole month on that day. We celebrated by opening up a bottle of champagne leftover from our wedding and downing the entire thing. It’s hard to believe I’ve been married to my best friend for that long already. It’ll only go faster from here is what I’ve heard! 

Last night H and I went to see Hunger Games for the second time with my cousin and her boyfriend. She had just finished the books, rereading the first actually, and wanted to see the movie for the first time so we all went down to the cheap night at the dollar saver cinemas for it. Yup, there’s a cheap night even at the cheapies and it’s the second time we’ve taken advantage of it in the past two months. It was a great night.

Prior to the movie we were at her parent’s house for dinner. My aunt made chili spaghetti and it was delicious. Something I’ve never seen go with that meal before was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Very interesting. 

Today was the first day of this long week where I’m completely alone in my row at work. My two partners in crime are on their house trip with “the group” so things are a heck of lot quieter. I did treat myself to Graeter’s ice cream today and eat lunch on the square again. I was hoping for some choirs or bands from the World Choir Games but I got treated to the Corporate Olympics instead and was majorly disappointed. It would have been entertaining at least if I had gotten to watch but I had to sit too far away.

Oh well, I read 70 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today, part of it at lunch. I really hate myself for being “too cool” to read Harry Potter when it was actually out. These books are amazing. 

Tonight was the first actual recipe meal I made Matt since we got married and it turned out amazing. Just some Chicken Corkscrew Pasta that I made super colorful by buying the multi-colored noodles. Just in case you’re wondering, it tasted great too. 😉 Enough leftovers for each of us for lunch tomorrow and Matt had the foresight enough to pack it in two different containers. I think I’ll keep him. 

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to going out to eat with my in-laws for my brother-in-laws birthday. We’re going to a local pizza place that went from a small hole in the wall to renting out an old Blockbuster space. I’ve heard it’s really good plus I’ll get to add another new restaurant to my 10 new restaurant list (Day Zero Project).