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The Buzzer Shot

Last night Matt and I went to our alma mater, Northern Kentucky University, to watch the women’s basketball team play their first home game in Division I. We walk into the familiar arena and see something totally different, yet awesome. Banners representing all of the teams in the Atlantic Sun conference that NKU is now proudly a part of. It was surreal.

Now to be honest, I was never really a huge fan of basketball, but Matt is and he’s kind of corrupted me just a little bit. I understand more of the game than I ever even cared to before and I always knew enough to be able to follow. Having my alma mater get into the “big leagues” so to speak of college sports, makes it even that much more exciting.

Norse was up most, if not all, of the first half but it was a very close second half. So close that it would be a miracle if they won as it was down to the last shot thrown up at the buzzer. It was tied at 64 when the shot went up in the last seconds of the game and into the basket it went. NKU had beaten an undefeated team at their first home game of the season. Until, of course, the refs decided to double check to make sure the ball left her hand before the buzzer and make the room tense again. Thankfully, it was ruled a good basket and a victory!


It was seriously such an exciting time. I hope the students that were there bring some friends next time and get that place on fire for the teams. I will say that even though the pep band was small, they were loud and full of life. It always was my favorite part of basketball games anyway. What’s yours?

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NKU is Division One Now!

Last night Matt and I went out to dinner with his parents at a little place in town called the Hayloft Tavern. We got our typical appetizer of fried pickles but I was somewhat disappointed because half of the pickles were falling out of the breading. They still tasted good so no big deal I suppose. His parents were late because there was traffic pretty much everywhere and they were pretty worn out by the time they got there. Sadly, they were understandably unable to make it to the NKU exhibition game afterwards.

Matt and I still went and it was so much fun! Not only did we have a great time, but we found out Alumni get a discount! (Really great news since I can’t use my all-card anyone as they’ve changed the design and would know I’m not a current student…) We lost 2-1 but it was a pretty good game none the less, and almost more importantly, a good crowd. We’re looking forward to going back several times to watch them integrate into D1 competition.

My Reds have forgotten how to play baseball and I’m hoping they remember by tomorrow. That’s all I’m saying about that. :-p

Matt surprised me with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games today and we are going to play it together!

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