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Will You Be My Valentine?

Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple was absolutely wonderful. Matt had reservations for a fancy restaurant downtown called Boi Na Braza. A great friend had given us a gift card for our birthdays and we decided to use it for a special occasion. We were very pleased with our first experience at this Brazilian steak house. It’s definitely not something you could do often but here’s one word of advice – go hungry!

Before we went there we actually went back up the Carew Tower and had our picture taken next to where he proposed to me back in September 2010. We try to go up there every year and hope to keep that tradition up forever.


Back to the restaurant! It wasn’t busy when we first got there but it didn’t take long for them to fill up with patrons, not a shocker for Valentines day. Since it was our first time there, the waiter had to explain how things work there and let me tell you, he wasn’t kidding about flipping the red/green circle over when you’re done with meat for the moment. We flipped ours over to green and people came out of the woodwork to bring us meat! It wasn’t until three or four later that we were able to flip over to red and pace ourselves!

For your sides, they have a salad bar complete with salad (duh), cheeses, fruit, soups, mashed potatoes and the like. Something new that neither of us had ever had but really enjoyed was tabule and I’ve decided I need to find out all the ingredients and make it sometime. It was delicious and has parsley in it which everyone always made fun of me for eating! It is a food, not just decoration!

Embarrassing moment alert – When we both got up to go to the salad bar, we were walking back to our seats together and proceeded to sit down and notice that there was only one glass of champagne when we were both supposed to get one. Not long after that, some other people came over and….you guessed it…we were in their seats. We were so embarrassed and felt terrible. Thankfully, the people were really cool about it and I had only used the knife on the table. In our defense, there are two little alcoves that look exactly the same. We just went to the wrong one. Oh my.

After we finished our dinner, complete with dessert, Matt surprised me by taking me on a carriage ride around downtown. I absolutely love carriage rides and I was so thrilled! Our horses name was Cesar and the driver was super sweet. It was a beautiful night for it and we even had a few people shout cute things at us.











As a closing note, our Valentine’s Day was wonderful but one of the most touching parts of the day was something a great friend of mine posted on Facebook. I’m summarizing, but what I took from it was that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving a partner. It’s about love wherever you have it. With your family, your friends, your pets, etc. Celebrate it! What was extra special is she tagged me in the post.

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New Year Shenanigans

It’s my first post about what’s actually going on in our life for 2013. I am quite enjoying the prompts though.

Since this is “Scraps of Life”, it seems only appropriate to mention I’m almost finished with the honeymoon scrapbook. After I finish I’ll pick my favorite pages and make a post about them. It’s only been 7 months today since the wedding, it’s all good.

Anywho, we rang in the new year in our usual fashion of getting all dressed up and going to O’Charley’s then back to my aunt and uncle’s house for board games and movies. It wound up being only Matt and I with my brother and cousin playing Pictionary until around 11:30 when everyone else showed up from their pub crawl. Good times, good times.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

On New Years Day we met Matt’s parents at the Levee for lunch and the two of us went to see two movies, Les Mis and This is 40. I absolutely loved Les Mis and found the voices to mostly be absolutely wonderful. I won’t get too crazy in depth but the only one I wasn’t 100% loving was Amanda Seyfried. Anna Hathaway and Hugh Jackman’s performances made me cry. So very well done. This Is 40 was okay. I enjoyed it but it just seemed to be lacking something and I wished they would have turned over a new leaf way earlier in the movie.

We’ve been to two NKU basketball games and a Cyclones hockey game already this year. Norse women won and the men lost even though they really should have won. Cyclones lost too. Our games attended 2013 record needs to improve!

I have set my book goal for 50 books read in 2013 (again). Let’s hope I can get more than 32 books this year!

2013 is looking goooooood!

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Baxter & The Bathtub

So like most cats, Baxter hates water, yet it seems he has forgotten this fact since we’ve moved into our apartment. That, or he just misses me so much that he’s willing to forgo his comfort to be with me. (haha) Really though, he’s almost jumped into the shower with me on multiple occasions and today came the closest he’s ever gotten. I took a bubble bath so he jumped up on the toilet seat, then the edge of the tub. He started pawing at the bubbles and came so close to falling in a few times. I’m glad he didn’t because he would not be a happy kitty but it would have been pretty funny if he had. Then perhaps, he’d let me cuddle him up in a towel like we used to when he was just a baby:

I doubt he’d let me do that though. Oh, how I miss that.

The rest of the day was spent shopping at a local outlet mall, going to IKEA for the first time and hanging out with Matt’s parents and our niece. She’s starting to recognize and love on people besides her parents/grandparents so it was extra fun. I left to go to the bathroom at one point and she was looking around for me, missing me. We got multiple kisses before we left and hugs throughout the evening. Such a great time.

IKEA? AMAZING. Five to ten minutes being in that place and I turned to Matt and said “I want a house”. We didn’t buy anything this time, but found a headboard we love and plan on saving for. We actually did buy something but it wound up not fitting in the car by like two inches so we have to go back for it. It’s this awesome black and white picture of Paris where the Eiffel Tower is the only thing in color for above our bed. I’m so excited to go back and get it.

Yesterday I caught more free concerts on Fountain Square and I’m sad that the World Choir Games are over with today. The main performance while I was there was from Cincinnati Christian Church and were they ever amazing. Seriously blessed voices with amazing talent and joy. It brightened my day immensely.

Last night we were at one of the best Reds games we’ve ever attended, especially against the Cardinals. Ironically, the more annoying fans around us were our very own whereas the Cardinals fans weren’t at all. It was just a great atmosphere for a game and was really a close one as well. Latos didn’t have his stuff last night but he was able to hold on long enough to get out of the inning and let the bullpen take over. Chapman struck out the side, guaranteeing us free Larosa’s and UDF. Gotta love free food on top of a Reds win. Ever better news? The Pirates lost last night and the Reds beat the Cardinals again today.

Tomorrow we have church and we’re going to the Reds game again. Hoping for a sweep!

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Good News – I Read 108 Pages Today

The bad news, I was stuck on the bus on the way “home” for an hour and forty five minutes due to a terrible 10-car pile-up on 471. Eight people were sent to the hospital, one by air care. I just hope they’re okay, the news hasn’t said yet but the wreck did close the highway down for four hours.

Being on the bus was interesting for sure because we were just dead stopped watching emergency vehicles pass on the shoulder for quite some time. Then we started seeing tons of cars turning around and driving in the wrong direction on the shoulder, appearing that police officers closer to the wreck were telling them to do this then drive back up the entrance ramp. Eventually there’s enough open space for the bus to turn around but the driver’s idea of turning around involved literally driving backwards up the entrance ramp, y’know until the cop told him to turn around and drive forward. I seriously thought we were going to cause another accident.

Thankfully, I made it to Raniero’s pretty darn close to on time and before the birthday boy! It was a great time. Matt and I even had some completely alone time with our niece while sister in law went to get milk for her. She was playful and happy while she was gone as well. We had the meat-lovers pizza and demolished it between the two of us. It was so delicious and I will for sure be going back.

The other highlight of the day was finally catching some free concerts from the World Choir Games on fountain square. It was super packed so I just found an empty table, sans chair, and stood eating my food. It was great to be able to be outside, eat and listen to beautiful music for an hour. I got to hear some kind of English-speaking children’s choir sing Love Shack, a children’s choir from Hong Kong and a gospel choir from Germany. It was delightful.

My D23 membership 23-month calendar showed up today as well and it’s really cool! Lots of old concept drawings for the Disney movies, most of which look nothing like the finished product. I find that all very interesting. Best part was that my friend at the post office sent a picture of it today and attached a post it note to the box saying him and his wife missed us. 🙂

Tomorrow is finally Friday and I am so excited. We’re going to the Reds vs. Cardinals game, hoping the Reds come back from the All-Star break with a fire under their butts!

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