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Blank Scrapbook Pages – First Batch

So our church has a craft fair every year and this year I have already started making some blank scrapbook pages to sell for the first time ever. I’ve only ever scrapbooked for myself or others but always with pictures. I’m hoping they do well and I still plan on making some others. Besides the ones below, I plan on making more Christmas/Winter pages and Wedding pages. I think the Christmas and Winter themed pages will do the best at this craft fair because it is Christmas themed and most of the items for sale are related to Christmas.

Besides making this scrapbook pages to sell, I also got an iPhone, both of which “accomplishments” are on my Day Zero Project List.  Yay for checking a few things off the list! (That I have less than a year to complete AKA a lot of those things will be put on a new list). The new iPhone actually makes a few appearances in the pictures as shadows.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve watched a few more documentaries since I updated the list but I can’t remember the names of them. Time to check my Netflix.

blankSB1 blankSB2 blankSB3 blankSB4 blankSB5

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I Did It!

I’ve been in the choir at church for quite some time now and a member of the same church for basically my entire life. I am very comfortable with my voice and sing just about everywhere about anything without a single care in the world. Put me on the spot and ask me to sing by myself? I immediately turn beat red and get really nervous. Go figure.

Singing a solo in front of church has been out of the question for a while now but when our director gave us the parts CDs for this year’s Easter Cantata, I felt drawn towards the solo in “At The Cross”. It’s one of my favorite songs anyway and I felt like the solo was extremely well-suited for my voice. I began singing along to the solo part on the track and ignoring the soprano part when necessary. You wouldn’t believe how nerve-wracking it was for me just to ask our director if he had thought about who was going to get the solo. Then the two weeks of practice afterwards when he still didn’t say. Then that third week, without even telling me privately, he tells everyone right before we start the song that I was going to give it a try. Cue the bright red face that just so happened to match my sweater that day. I wasn’t mad, nope. Just nervous and wanting to know if I had it then or not since there was less than a month before the performance at the time.

I did well sitting there with only the choir members, whom I’m very comfortable with those first few practices, but then I got to practice at the microphone with a few people hanging out in the pews. For some reason, this made me so nervous my voice shook. Everything shook. This made me more nervous. At the end of this last practice before the performance, we were asked if anyone had a bad spot they needed to go over. I requested that we sing my song again and am I ever glad we did. I was able to collect myself and not have my voice noticeably shaking this time.

Today was performance day (we split our Easter Cantata into two parts). I practiced with the track twice on the way in and prepared myself to warm up due to nervousness during the performance by dressing in layers (Hey, those choir robes are hot enough as it is!). What else could I do?

I requested that Matt be there in the service from the very beginning to help calm my nerves beforehand but I couldn’t see him from where I was sitting. Yet another time when x-ray vision would have been really helpful as he was just on the other side of the lectern I would later be standing at and singing my solo. He was right there in the front row happily supporting me.

When it came time for my solo, my heart had already started beating faster and my legs were shaking. A lot. It seems that heels were a bad idea. They were even shaking for at least ten minutes after the song was over and done with. Thank goodness for the lectern that I could shake behind without any worries while I sang without the shake interfering with my voice. Matt recorded the entire song to capture everything and even though I felt very accomplished immediately afterwards, watching the recording was even better. I literally amazed myself and I normally despise any recordings of my own voice. Second service, I was even more comfortable and only shook a little. People who were there for both services told me that second was somehow even better than the first! I was told by countless people how much they enjoyed it and how well I did. Some even accused me of holding out on them. 😉

Yet another thing off of my Day Zero Project List. It feels great! Now that I’ve gotten that first ever solo out of the way, I look forward to more opportunities.

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It’s no secret that Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. When I worked in retail, I would wear either a Santa hat, elf hat or reindeer antlers every day to work starting the day after Thanksgiving up until Christmas Eve. I would always help decorate the places for Christmas and right now, I have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling above my desk at work as well as ribbons tied to the door handles. I’m still adding things, but I’ll be sure to take pictures of my work space when I’m finished.

Since we’re just starting out, a lot of the stuff we have so far are wonderful hand me downs. We’ve been blessed with loving families that shared their Christmas treasures with us. A few things are original to us and we’re still on the lookout for stockings we want but below you’ll see what we have so far.

I may or may not have a slight obsession with penguins. The two in the two left picture both sing and dance. The one with the yellow eyebrows sings a Christmas version of “Tooty Fruity” and his eyebrows move. Matt got him for me last year and my Grandma got me the other one. I love them both. The tall wooden penguin with all of the stuffed ones on the chair came from the craft fair at church this year.

The two garland creatures came from Matt’s aunt and uncle and I just think they’re adorable. Baxter was unsure of the deer at first and kept going up and sniffing him. It was pretty cute. I’m only sad I didn’t get a picture to share. The snowman in the middle came from Grandma and was made my some of the “crafty ladies” at church.

Now here is our Christmas tree, also from Matt’s aunt and uncle. I can’t wait to get more and more ornaments for our tree and other random decoration. I’ve found a few very cute things on Pinterest  (My DIY Christmas Board) I plan on making for either this year or next year as well. Maybe I’ll even start adding to the craft fair at church!

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Surprise parties are by far some of the most fun parties, especially when you actually pull it off like we did today for my cousin’s birthday. Her kids are awesome and did such a wonderful job planning and conspiring with friends that she was completely shocked and had a wonderful time. She totally deserved it!

On the way to this party, we stopped by a liquor store to pick up some beer/wine for said party and happened to come across some specialty wine we just had to have. Barry Larkin Merlot and Homer Bailey Chardonnay, on sale, two for cheaper than on normally costs. Since Barry Larkin is my favorite, we’re taking a chance I’ll actually enjoy this Merlot. At least we know dad likes it so it won’t go to waste.

But….I’m keeping the bottle for our baseball wall. That’s mine. 🙂

In completely other “news”, Baxter can be so funny. Our bedroom and dining room windows are set up to where if you are looking out one of the windows, you can look into the other room. So a right angle outside. It was gorgeous today, so we had the windows open and allowed Baxter to sit on the windowsill. Then we proceeded to go into the other room and he was confused as to how we were over there, meowing his cute little face off. Later today he waits to lick my fingers from the chips I snack on, as if we never feed him.

Tomorrow is youth Sunday, so my brother is playing/singing again. I’m loving that he’s getting out of his shell and sharing his talent with the church. Love. After church, we’re going to the Reds game with a bunch of church members for Faith Day, a sell out, complete with after-game concert from Mercy Me.

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Another Year of VBS Gone Bye-Bye

Well tonight was the closing ceremony for VBS, complete with the adorable singing and motions and free ice cream. I just hope most of the kids went up to grab their crafts. Tracking them down is never fun.

I’m joining the coordinator of the whole thing in spirit by drinking a glass of Riesling. She told us she’d be enjoying some adult beverages since it was all finally, yet quickly, over. It really was a great year.

This weekend, we aren’t even leaving the apartment until Sunday and only for church services and lunch with my family. It’s going to be downright amazing and needed after this long week. Especially since we woke up later that normal just about every day this week. Today took the cake though. We woke up at 6:39 and I still got to work by 7:10. I’m a beast. We will have some company on Sunday night though, True Blood time with my Matt, my best friend and her boyfriend.

I’m working on a married bio through here complete with pictures and little remarks about our wedding day. I’m pretty excited about it and hope it turns out well.

I started reading the Revolution for Women and I highly recommend it for any Christian readers out there. Before you read it, you may want to grab a box of kleenex and watch Courageous since it was inspired by that movie. Truly amazing. Truly.


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