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River Camp

Beyond rushing to pack, clean and fill Baxter’s food/water enough, Friday was super fun and relaxing at my aunt and uncle’s river camp. We had never been there before but almost as soon as we got there, I couldn’t wait to go back sometime. Nothing but campers, wooden decks and lawn chairs set up next to the Ohio River.

We pitched my dad’s tent and decided to forgo the offer to sleep in the camper because A) We pitched that dang tent and I’m going to sleep in it and B) I haven’t been camping in forever and wanted to mark it off my Day Zero Project list.

In the random cornhole tournament pairings, Matt and I actually wound up together and wound up losing to my brother and cousin. Having those two together is the second best combination of the people in attendance but they actually lost in the finals. Can’t say we lost to the winners this time! At least it was a decent game and we got past the first round.

Team Cornhole, I had more luck but Matt was on the other team, actually in the same spot on the order so we got to pitch against each other a few times. My team was losing at one point but I scored 10 against him and got us in the lead to where we never gave it back. We were lucky to finish because we ran out of light and it was really hard to see the boards.

Sleeping in the tent was just fine despite the extreme heat.There wasn’t a chill until about 5am but I kept a sheet on all night anyway. Something about me just has to have something over me when I’m sleeping.

The day was hot but we took a break about mid-day to take a nap inside the air-conditioned camper, yeah we gave in for that. My aunt and cousin went to the store for some other things and came back with some of those mister spray fans we wound up passing around our huge circle to keep cool. They were a lifesaver.

First annual Turkey Fry in July was a delicious success. A spread just as good if not better than Thanksgiving and my jell-o was a hit! It didn’t even start to rain until after everyone, even the stragglers, were finished eating. Then it was a mad rush for everyone to grab the food off three long rectangular tables, cover them and find a place for them in a tiny camper. It was definitely a good showing of teamwork and ingenuity.

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