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Happy Anniversary – To ME!

A whole year since we were married is just impossibly hard to believe. Wasn’t I just getting all of the final details together and making sure everything would run as smoothly as possible? Wasn’t I just get phone calls from the guys who had questions about where everything went despite the detailed instructions with pictures we gave them? (Read jokingly, it was funny. We were never mad)

Wasn’t I just waiting anxiously in the nursery at church watching my two flower girls play with each other, wanting nothing more than to get to Matt at the other end of that aisle?

Apparently not. We’ve been through the best summer, fall, winter and spring of my life and we did it together. We had ups and we had downs but we did it together and it flew by so quickly I can’t even find the words to describe it. It was filled with love, laughter, joy, tears, chance, silliness and many other things that this life has to offer.

To start the day off right, we each ate a small sliver of the top tier of of wedding cake that still smelled and tasted just as fresh as that day one year ago. Amazing, I tell you. Downright amazing.

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We decided to celebrate by treating ourselves to dinner at the Riverfront Club in the ballpark and nicer seats that usual at the game. Originally, the game was scheduled for the afternoon but with it being a Reds versus Cardinals game, ESPN decided to make it the Sunday Night Baseball game. Clearly, the logical thing to do is make a sign saying it’s our anniversary and try to get on ESPN. Sadly, this did not happen but we did, however, make it onto the jumbotron. Matt held the sign up above our heads for every break between innings and it only took until the 8th before we were shown.


Dinner was fantastic. The Riverfront Club is a buffet that offers some pretty fancy choices at atmosphere. Calamari, beef cut specifically for you, fresh cheeses, salads, fruit, etc. Matt decided to order us an entire bottle of champagne to celebrate and it was delicious.

036 037

The only thing that would have been better was if the Reds had won. Thanks to our sign, we had all kinds of people wishing us happy anniversary and shooting smiles our way.

To rewind a little bit in the day, with our afternoon free, Matt’s brother Pat treated us to a free movie complete with popcorn and a drink. He works at this theater and when we got there, everyone behind the counter was clapping. The cutest part? It wasn’t even his idea. These coworkers of his just decided to do it on their own. Hangover 3, it’s hilarious. Stay after the credits. So worth it in every way.

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Month of Marriage, Hunger Games & Solitude

Monday was an awesome day merely because Matt and I had been married a whole month on that day. We celebrated by opening up a bottle of champagne leftover from our wedding and downing the entire thing. It’s hard to believe I’ve been married to my best friend for that long already. It’ll only go faster from here is what I’ve heard! 

Last night H and I went to see Hunger Games for the second time with my cousin and her boyfriend. She had just finished the books, rereading the first actually, and wanted to see the movie for the first time so we all went down to the cheap night at the dollar saver cinemas for it. Yup, there’s a cheap night even at the cheapies and it’s the second time we’ve taken advantage of it in the past two months. It was a great night.

Prior to the movie we were at her parent’s house for dinner. My aunt made chili spaghetti and it was delicious. Something I’ve never seen go with that meal before was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Very interesting. 

Today was the first day of this long week where I’m completely alone in my row at work. My two partners in crime are on their house trip with “the group” so things are a heck of lot quieter. I did treat myself to Graeter’s ice cream today and eat lunch on the square again. I was hoping for some choirs or bands from the World Choir Games but I got treated to the Corporate Olympics instead and was majorly disappointed. It would have been entertaining at least if I had gotten to watch but I had to sit too far away.

Oh well, I read 70 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today, part of it at lunch. I really hate myself for being “too cool” to read Harry Potter when it was actually out. These books are amazing. 

Tonight was the first actual recipe meal I made Matt since we got married and it turned out amazing. Just some Chicken Corkscrew Pasta that I made super colorful by buying the multi-colored noodles. Just in case you’re wondering, it tasted great too. 😉 Enough leftovers for each of us for lunch tomorrow and Matt had the foresight enough to pack it in two different containers. I think I’ll keep him. 

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to going out to eat with my in-laws for my brother-in-laws birthday. We’re going to a local pizza place that went from a small hole in the wall to renting out an old Blockbuster space. I’ve heard it’s really good plus I’ll get to add another new restaurant to my 10 new restaurant list (Day Zero Project).