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101 Best Experiences of My Life

101 Best Experiences of My Life

  1. Having God in my life
  2. Becoming engaged to my best friend
  3. Traveling to Europe with my cousin Randy
  4. Graduating College
  5. Being a camp counselor, twice
  6. Holding a newborn baby
  7. Graduating High School in the Top 20% with a Commonwealth Diploma
  8. Graduating from Financial Peace University
  9. Fishing with my Grandparents
  10. Having a loving immediate and extended family, remaining close regardless of the huge size.
  11. Being baptized
  12. Getting married to the love of my life and my best friend
  13. Going to Disneyworld
  14. Being an Aunt
  15. Swimming in the ocean
  16. Petting a baby penguin, my favorite animal on earth
  17. Giving birth without an epidural.
  18. Breastfeeding my son.
  19. Finding out I was pregnant and then getting to tell everyone a little at a time.
  20. Sponsoring a child from Compassion International.
  21. Joining a discipleship group.

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