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Our Wedding

In short, on June 9, 2012, I got to marry my best friend whilst being surrounded by several of our closest friends and family. It was the best day ever in a lot of ways. It seemed to take forever getting here and was then gone in the blink of an eye.

Getting ready was a really fun time. Mom and I arrived at the church early in order to set up the bouquets, bouts for the guys, and anything else that couldn’t be done at the rehearsal the night before. Not long after that, bridesmaids started showing up to get their hair done. Our girl time was not spent uninterrupted by the boys as Matt or my cousin Randy or my brother Lyle would call or text when they had a question about how the reception hall was to be set up. Which was a lot. It was pretty amusing but I was glad to be able to hear his voice throughout the day, even if Mom was so adamant against it.

Choosing to get ready and hang out in the playroom at church turned out to be an amazing decision as our two flower girls kept themselves very entertained with the toys. Even got all of us involved and it was a delightful way to kick back and relax before the ceremony.

Getting Ready Collage

We got ready and had first dibs on the sanctuary for pre-ceremony pictures to try and get as many pictures out of the way as possible. Boy am I ever glad we did that. I can’t even imagine not getting some pictures done before hand. We opted to go the old-fashioned route and not see each other prior to the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a few pictures together.

Balcony collage

Believe it or not, we can’t see each other at all in either one of these pictures. At one point, one of our flower girls started running around downstairs while Matt was in the balcony. He saw white and immediately closed his eyes, turned his head and walked away from the edge so that he didn’t see me. So sweet and adorable if you ask me.

The girls and I had “dibs” on the sanctuary for pictures first and amazingly, I was ready before all of the girls so our photographer started with just me while we waited. In the close up picture of the back of my bouquet, you can see a gold wedding band and a white handkerchief. The wedding band was my grandfather’s on my dad’s side and my grandma still wears it around her neck almost every day. The handkerchief belonged to my grandmother on my mom’s side. I miss both of them terribly and wanted them to be a part of my day. I tear up every single time I look at that picture.

Me Collage

Once they all started showing up, we did individual shots with me and then group shots. Every moment was becoming more and more real.

Bridesmaids Collage

This is my favorite picture of me and all my girls. It just looks so natural and captures the excitement we were all feeling that day.

Once the girls and I were finished, I had to leave the sanctuary and go back into hiding so that Matt could take some pre-wedding pictures with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was pretty weird being in that room by myself but thankfully it wasn’t long before my mom, grandma, bridesmaids and flower girls all came back.

Groomsmen Collage

Notice they just stand next to each other. No fun, they are. 😉 Until provoked by the photographer of, course.

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil...

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil…

Matt with all of the girls.

Bridesmaids Collage

Kisses for the groom! Notice how all of the girls don't seem phased by this at all.

Kisses for the groom! Notice how all of the girls don’t seem phased by this at all.

Now notice how the guys are hilariously awkward. I love this picture.

Now notice how the guys are hilariously awkward. I love this picture.

Me and all the boys!

Groomsmenme Collage

This was my wonderful idea and I love the picture. Randy is the only one holding me up, Lyle is holding my head up and everyone else is just pretending. Funny stuff!

This was my wonderful idea and I love the picture. Randy is the only one holding me up, Lyle is holding my head up and everyone else is just pretending. Funny stuff!

You can’t go wrong with some good black and whites, real film even! These are two of my favorite non bride/groom pictures from the entire wedding. I also won’t mind if I look like my grandma does when I’m in my 80’s’.

Black and White Collage

Time for the ceremony. I’ll spare you the bridal party processional and just do the “main” ones. Two of the ushers get it all ready then it’s time for my grandma escorted by my brother, Matt’s mom escorted by his brother and then my mom escorted by my brother. Then, of course, the doors closed and they were reopened for me to be walked down the aisle with my father. Between you and me (ha) dad forgot that the song wasn’t changing for us and just stood there for a minute until I reminded him that Canon in D was still to be playing.

Ceremony Collage 1

Now from saying our vows to walking back down the aisle to “All You Need is Love” by our favorite band, The Beatles. Our pastor (my big brother) gave us such a lovely service that we have received so many compliments on and are so thankful for. It was everything we could have asked for and more.

Ceremony Collage2

Now the pictures of the new Mr. & Mrs. can officially begin.

Us Collage1

Us Collage2

Us Collage3

We wouldn’t be who we are today, together, without the loving support of our wonderful families.

Family Collage

Now it’s time to get in the “Ice Cream Truck” church van and head over to the reception. Thank goodness Lyle is on the insurance! How convenient  😉

Van Collage

More to come…Soon, I promise!


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