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Blank Scrapbook Pages – First Batch

So our church has a craft fair every year and this year I have already started making some blank scrapbook pages to sell for the first time ever. I’ve only ever scrapbooked for myself or others but always with pictures. I’m hoping they do well and I still plan on making some others. Besides the ones below, I plan on making more Christmas/Winter pages and Wedding pages. I think the Christmas and Winter themed pages will do the best at this craft fair because it is Christmas themed and most of the items for sale are related to Christmas.

Besides making this scrapbook pages to sell, I also got an iPhone, both of which “accomplishments” are on my Day Zero Project List.  Yay for checking a few things off the list! (That I have less than a year to complete AKA a lot of those things will be put on a new list). The new iPhone actually makes a few appearances in the pictures as shadows.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve watched a few more documentaries since I updated the list but I can’t remember the names of them. Time to check my Netflix.

blankSB1 blankSB2 blankSB3 blankSB4 blankSB5

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