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Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

I didn’t dig through my couch cushions or my purse but I went to the change bowl we have on the counter, reached in and grabbed a Tennessee quarter from 2002. Now on to the rest of the prompt. What was I doing that year?

I turned 16 that year but I didn’t get my license like most 16 year olds. I also started my job at Thriftway, a grocery chain that’s been closed in this area since 2004, pushing carts and bagging groceries. It’s also where I experienced one of the worst bathroom cleaning stories of all time. I will spare you the details.

It’s also the year that I doubled up in math so that I would be able to take AP Calculus my Senior year. I took Advanced Geometry and Algebra II. On Crazy Hat Day, a Senior football player in my Algebra II class didn’t wear one but still wanted to be in the picture so he took my folder and wore it on his head.

It was the first year I wasn’t in band since the sixth grade because I chose the path of the Commonwealth Diploma and my advanced classes didn’t line up correctly for me to take band.

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s died that year, and it also gave me a personal scare. We had someone in our grade nicknamed “The Wendy’s Guy”. He also happened to be in my first period Algebra II class yet wasn’t there when someone came in and informed a group of us that The Wendy’s Guy had passed. I thought it was the one I knew personally, not the actual founder of Wendy’s.

Isn’t it funny what we remember?


Forward – Weekly Photo Challenge

I was going through some photos and found a few different interpretations of this week’s photo challenge of “forward”. This one, however, is by far my favorite and a future that I’m looking forward to seeing. With more than just this one kind.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Some Penguins at the Gatlinburg Aquarium showing some love. Brought to you by the weekly photo challenge at Daily Prompt.


Will You Be My Valentine?

Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple was absolutely wonderful. Matt had reservations for a fancy restaurant downtown called Boi Na Braza. A great friend had given us a gift card for our birthdays and we decided to use it for a special occasion. We were very pleased with our first experience at this Brazilian steak house. It’s definitely not something you could do often but here’s one word of advice – go hungry!

Before we went there we actually went back up the Carew Tower and had our picture taken next to where he proposed to me back in September 2010. We try to go up there every year and hope to keep that tradition up forever.


Back to the restaurant! It wasn’t busy when we first got there but it didn’t take long for them to fill up with patrons, not a shocker for Valentines day. Since it was our first time there, the waiter had to explain how things work there and let me tell you, he wasn’t kidding about flipping the red/green circle over when you’re done with meat for the moment. We flipped ours over to green and people came out of the woodwork to bring us meat! It wasn’t until three or four later that we were able to flip over to red and pace ourselves!

For your sides, they have a salad bar complete with salad (duh), cheeses, fruit, soups, mashed potatoes and the like. Something new that neither of us had ever had but really enjoyed was tabule and I’ve decided I need to find out all the ingredients and make it sometime. It was delicious and has parsley in it which everyone always made fun of me for eating! It is a food, not just decoration!

Embarrassing moment alert – When we both got up to go to the salad bar, we were walking back to our seats together and proceeded to sit down and notice that there was only one glass of champagne when we were both supposed to get one. Not long after that, some other people came over and….you guessed it…we were in their seats. We were so embarrassed and felt terrible. Thankfully, the people were really cool about it and I had only used the knife on the table. In our defense, there are two little alcoves that look exactly the same. We just went to the wrong one. Oh my.

After we finished our dinner, complete with dessert, Matt surprised me by taking me on a carriage ride around downtown. I absolutely love carriage rides and I was so thrilled! Our horses name was Cesar and the driver was super sweet. It was a beautiful night for it and we even had a few people shout cute things at us.











As a closing note, our Valentine’s Day was wonderful but one of the most touching parts of the day was something a great friend of mine posted on Facebook. I’m summarizing, but what I took from it was that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving a partner. It’s about love wherever you have it. With your family, your friends, your pets, etc. Celebrate it! What was extra special is she tagged me in the post.

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