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Kicking It (Old School?)

on January 3, 2013

So I remembered to not only LOOK at the daily prompt on the correct day but I actually have something to say about it and I’m doing it. I’ll consider that to be a decent accomplishment on this blistery Thursday in January.

Daily Prompt wants to know what the eleventh item on my bucket list is and while I don’t have a bucket list, per se, I do have a Day Zero Project list I’m going to use instead. It’s pretty much a bucket list with a more definite deadline, 101 days, of which I only have 572 days left. I only have 21% complete and I’m realistically knowing that most of it will not be finished in those 572 days.

Anyway, the eleventh item on that list as you can see is to visit three new countries. I realize that I have more than a year to accomplish this but I wish I had been more realistic when making this list. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll even get to one new country. You see, I’ve already been to Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Spain and Germany plus my husband doesn’t have much interest in going to Mexico. Mexico would be easy because it’s so close and theoretically cheaper to travel to but then we come to another issue. We already have our vacation planned for this year as we’re going back to Disneyworld, this time with some companions. After that we plan on taking a few cheap weekend trips and saving like crazy for a house.

I know, bucket lists and even Day Zero Project lists are not about excuses. They’re not.

If we transfer this goal of visiting three new countries to my bucket list instead of something that needs to be completed by July 30, 2014, I have very high hopes that it will happen. I want to go to a heck of a lot more countries than 8 before I  kick the bucket! If I had to pick only three new travel destinations, it would be Italy, England and Brazil (when they have the World Cup sometime).

So here’s to hoping I accomplish more than I expect on my Day Zero list and that I definitely get to more than three new countries before the end.


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