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2012 – A Year in Review

on January 1, 2013

The year that I thought would never get here is somehow over already. Crazy how time works like that. Tormenting us by dragging at some points and throwing us for a loop by moving too quickly at other times.

January CollageJanuary

  • First wedding of the year, after about six in 2011.
  • Beauty and the Beast in 3D
  • Matt and I joined a gym, that we later left because they’re a bunch of jerks.
  • Grandma was in the hospital but now she’s stronger than ever!

Picture Block

  • New Years Eve tradition
  • Go Norse!
  • Dancing at the wedding reception
  • Matt’s journalism awards banquet – He won two awards!


  • Chick-fil-a Downtown closes.
  • I discovered Glee and my intense love for it thanks to Netflix.February Collage
  • Met an internet friend in real life!
  • Fell in love with a movie in less than 5 minutes. – The Muppets

Picture Block

  • Cyclones hockey game with Matt’s dad and mutual friend
  • Dancing robot man at the Levee

March CollageMarch

  • The Hunger Games movie comes out – all three books are read.
  • Two fundraisers for Autism Speaks.

Picture Block

  • Matt buys me flowers just because; my favorite even!
  • Myself and a coworker cleaning debris from a field. A tornado came through the area destroying a lot of homes and several coworkers used their community service day to help.
  • Me with the violinist from Skillet, Johnathan Chu at Winter Jam!


April Collage

  • Won tickets 6 rows behind the dugout for Reds Opening Day

from work.

  • First ever manicure and pedicure. Loved it.
  • Matt moves into what will become our apartment.

Picture Block

  • Cleaning out my room and walking down memory lane. For whatever reason, I still had the name badges from my first two jobs. They closed in 2002 and 2004 respectfully. WHY?
  • At one of my wedding showers with the beautiful and delicious cupcakes a bridesmaid baked for me.
  • Brother, Matt and I at the aforementioned Reds game!

May CollageMay

  • The last wedding before our own is finally here. We’re next!
  • Benefit for missionary family going to Peru in 2013 to live there.
  • Church Wedding shower!
  • Bachelorette and Bachelor parties

Picture Block

  • Drive in movie with my cousin and her boyfriend.
  • My bachelorette party at the Reds!
  • My beautiful grandmother with her survivor sash at Relay for Life.
  • Us at our couple’s shower for the “group”.

June (aka Best Month of 2012)

June Collage

  • We got married and went to Disneyworld on our honeymoon!
  • Joined the Disney fan club.
  • Watched Hoosiers in a high school gym for the anniversary of the movie WITH the people the movie was based off of.

Picture Block

  • Wedding and honeymoon pictures are obvious. More wedding pictures (and stories) can be found here.
  • Baxter got reintroduced to catnip. This is him mellowing out in his little house we got him.
  • Picture of us and Bobby Plump – Hoosiers event.

July Collage


  • Finished reading the Harry Potter books.
  • Drank a bottle of our wedding champagne on our one month anniversary.
  • Niece’s first birthday party.

Picture Block

  • Stricker’s Grove for the 4th of July
  • World Choir Games held in Cincinnati – Free concerts right outside my office
  • Vacation Bible School volunteer in the craft room – Matt was a guide.
  • Reds win 10 games straight – Marty Brennaman shaves his head takes his Reds shirt off to reveal an “I’m Still Me” shirt – raising awareness for those who lose their hair in cancer treatments. (And making me cry every time I see the picture)

AugustAugust Collage

  • Took our niece to her first Reds game.
  • I tried, and fell in love with, baking cookies.
  • Surprise birthday party for my cousin – SUCCESS!
  • Discovered Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH.

Picture Block

  • Getting a free coke from Matt’s new favorite store, Homage.
  • The rest are from our trip to the Ohio History Museum complete with 19th century Ohio Town outside.
  • Matt wrote that on a desk chalkboard in the adorable schoolhouse.

September CollageSeptember

  • Church picnic – Second place in group cornhole contest!
  • Tried out Crave to celebrate our 2 year engagement anniversary, first as husband and wife.
  • Both of our birthdays! I turned 26 and Matt turned 27.

Picture Block

  • Columbus Crew game with friends and celebrating their victory at Waffle House.
  • Coney Island on the paddleboats.
  • American Idol concert where Matt got a picture with Phillip Phillips.
  • Reds Clinch and we were THERE!
  • Engagement anniversary!

OctoberOctober Collage

Picture Block

November CollageNovember

  • A Christmas tradition starts in my hometown, in the abandoned building where my first job used to be. 
  • NKU Women’s basketball team beats an undefeated team at the buzzer.
  • Wrote our first letter to our sponsored child through Compassion International.
  • Panera Bread opens up close to my office!

Picture Block

  • Christmas craft fair at church in my elf outfit with mom!
  • Baxter hanging out in the branches of our Christmas tree.
  • Halloween party as Batman and Robin!

DecemberDecember Collage

  • Holiday Pops featuring Amy Grant with all of our immediate family!
  • We drank the other bottle of leftover champagne on our six month anniversary.
  • Ichthus calls it quits and it is a sad, sad day.
  • We all survived the end of the world…again!

Picture Block

  • Sledding with my cousins after our family Christmas party.
  • Redsfest – Us with Marty Brennaman and Chris Welsh as well as me and Brandon Phillips in the best Redsfest picture ever.
  • Us at the new Christmas tradition in town. I am so thrilled it’s going to be an annual thing!

So there you have it! I couldn’t resist sharing some pictures as well because pictures are worth 1,000 words and all. 🙂


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