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Christmas as a Married Couple: Take 1

on December 27, 2012

Matt and I have our first Christmas living together and being married down and I must say it was very pleasant and not as rushed as I had originally thought it would be. We were able to wake up at a decent hour and open our gifts to each other before worrying about rushing to get ready and out the door with our gifts for others. I technically already had my Christmas present from him as he bought it for me in Gatlinburg but I bought him a PS Vita with the game he had been wanting for a long time. He was very excited!

This is my wonderful Christmas present. Beauty and the Beast canvas print by Thomas Kinkade!

Not surprisingly, the best part of the day with his family was watching our niece open her presents, play with them and interact with everyone. The first thing she opened was this adorable little Mickey’s Clubhouse couch from Grandma and Grandpa that she kept opening and closing from a couch to a bed and vice versa. She even stayed on it to open a few of her gifts. We put the gift we got her, the Fischer Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo together for her (and her parents of course) and she loved playing with it. It was very simple to put together and only took Matt and I maybe 15 minutes once we had all the right tools. You really only need a phillips head screwdriver and three AA batteries. It comes with everything else you need but I digress. I see animal expansions for that in her future. She got a few books and some other toys, all of which was so much fun to watch her open.

All of the adults were treated well by Santa as well. I got a super warm and adorable scarf/hat set, a sweater, an adorably decorated candle, and the Broadway soundtrack to Les Mis just to name a few. It was great to spend time with Matt’s family.

We left his parents and headed back to my parents, stopping to feed Baxter and pick up round two of gifts to give out before making our final Christmas stop. Dinner at my parents was delicious and my plate was made up mostly of green bean casserole because it’s amazing and I could eat my weight in it. 🙂

Gifts there are always fun because it’s so many people in one small room all opening them and grandma makes fun noises of excitement every time another gift is handed to her. Dad loved the beer glass I got him from ThinkGeek and made the same face I imagine he’d make when I stumbled across it and knew he had to have it.

Matt and I got this really awesome Reds mirror/poster from my aunt and uncle. It even came with a catcher’s mask – a perfect addition to our baseball themed living room. We also got some movies (including the best version of A Christmas Carol ever – The Muppet Christmas Carol), clothes, books and lots of gift cards. We’re already planning a day at the movies to use all of the AMC gift cards we received. New Years Day – Les Mis and This is 40! Now THAT is a way to ring in the new year if you ask me.

The best part of the evening there however, was playing Would You Rather?. Oh the answers and trains of thought that came from some of those crazy, gross, absurd questions. If you’ve never played that game, I highly recommend it. We played with cards but I just found this online if you’re interested.

I’m so glad to have the family and friends that we have in our lives and we are extremely blessed. More blessings are coming on Saturday when my mom’s extended family is celebrating Christmas together as one big happy bunch. My aunt with cancer is expected to come and it would be the best gift ever if you ask me. I won’t need anything else that day if she’s well enough to come out and spend time with our enormous and loving family.

I hope anyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas and will have a blessed New Year. Stay safe in all of your celebrating. 🙂


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