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Insurgent – Now We Wait

on December 12, 2012

Listen, Veronica Roth, I would really appreciate it if you got the third installment of the Divergent series written well and published prior to Fall 2013. 😉 Insurgent was just wonderfully written, shocked me and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The seat that I am now hanging off of and I’m not sure if I can hang on that long!

Unlike last time, there’s going to be a few spoilers ahead so yup, don’t read ahead if you plan on reading the book.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

So my biggest anger moment with this book came from Caleb. I could not believe it when Tris found out that he was helping the enemy perform tests on her with the well-known fact that she planned on killing her. Then he wouldn’t even fill his own sister in the information he knew to attempt to make her understand. I didn’t get enough information in the end regarding Caleb to know if he should be forgiven or not yet. Since Tobias had to force him to help them out, I’m leaning way more towards not forgiving but I really want to. He’s the only blood family Tris has left and I feel like that needs to be reconciled somehow.

All of that anger however, only comes from caring about the characters and is not a reflection on how I feel about the book. I think it’s pretty obvious from the beginning of my post that I love these books and cannot wait for the next one.

Anywho, I am really glad that the Tobias and Tris relationship has been reconciled again. I don’t know if I could have handled waiting a year for that on top of everything else.

Little did I know that the last few pages would throw me for the biggest loop of them all. Edith Prior? Is that Tris’s grandma? If so, who’s mom? Did she really think the factions wouldn’t backfire and cause war? How long did she and the others who started the factions think it would take to produce a decent amount of Divergents?

So many more questions!!

I will be stalking Veronica’s blog now. I really like the countdowns for the first two books and will be annoying everyone with one for the third once it’s created.  You’ve been warned.

Have you read Insurgent? What are your thoughts?


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