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Some Old Favorites – Scrapbook Pages

on November 25, 2012

A while back I had taken some pictures of some of a few of my favorite scrapbook pages to show some friends, so I figured it was a great place to begin. Speaking of beginnings, my love for scrapbooking began when my cousin, Randy, bought me a picture book for Christmas the year before we went to Europe together. It wasn’t actually meant for scrapbooking, but I decided it would be fun and I’ve been hooked and improving ever since.

When I took these pictures, I tried my best to reduce glare but it was difficult. I think in the future, I will take the pages out of the protective sleeves and find the most well-lit place in our apartment. If you have any tips, feel free to share.

For starters, here’s a page from one of Matt and I’s trips to an adorable county in Indiana. I just love the simplicity of this page. Since I did this a while ago, I can’t really recall where everything came from but I do know that the heart punch came from Creative MemoriesPSA – It is on the “While Supplies Last” list if you like it.





This one, as you can tell from the picture in the top left of the page, is about our engagement on September 18, 2010. Matt was a sports writer at the time, but every few months he was to write a column about anything he wanted. The first one after he proposed, he wrote about everything leading up to that moment for that day. This page is very special to me and showcases how you can incorporate a newspaper article into your scrapbook pages.




I’ll admit it. We’re obsessed. One of my scrapbooks is completely made up from Reds related pictures. Games, Redsfest, etc. This is the title page for that album. For games pages, I always try to remember our tickets. At any given time, I have old tickets for something in my wallet just waiting to be scrapbooked.





This was from RedsFest the first year we went. If you don’t know, the Nasty Boys were a trio of Reds relief pitchers in the 90’s, most importantly, 1990. I decided to take a play on that by putting pictures of my husband and his cousin on the page with the picture of their jerseys.





Don’t have any pictures? No problem. I cut the front page off the Playbill from Aronoff’s showing of Mary Poppins we went to, typed up a synopsis of the day on Word, put the tickets in and embellished it a bit. I love the brightness of it. (Pay no attention to the “Relay for” bubbles as that is the opposite page)





This is one of my most fun scrapbook pages. It’s from the Merry-Go Round Museum in Sandusky, OH and if you’re ever up there, it is so worth the money. I loved setting this page up like a little scrapbook merry go round.









Last, for now, but not least is the page from New Years Eve 2010. Fun background pages can really make a scrapbook page design.

So there you have it, my first installment of scrapbook pages. Feel free to pin them and use them as inspiration if you so desire!


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