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Thanksgiving 2012

on November 21, 2012

As I sit here and watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special and think about all of the blessings in my life, I can’t help but become overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy. I have all of the typical things that everyone takes for granted throughout the year such as a loving family, supportive friends, a great job, a place to live, a car, etc. New to this year’s Thanksgiving is being thankful for my husband (not that I wasn’t thankful for him as my fiance or boyfriend…you know what I mean) and that no one was injured when we hit the deer.

None of that even graces the surface though. Not even close. Matt and I are so blessed by everything in our lives that it amazes me every day. God is evident everywhere I look in our life together and our lives away from each other. I try my best every day to show my gratitude for grand and minute things every day to the people that deserve the thankfulness. To me, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Showing it, day in and day out.

Do I always succeed in this goal? No. Do I still continue to try? Of course!

In the sermon on Sunday, our pastor used the following cartoon in his sermon. I feel like it pretty much sums up what I’m trying to avoid happening in my life. I don’t want to ever feel this way.


Tomorrow we will start the day by going to Matt’s parents, spend the day with them and head over to my aunt and uncle’s place for the evening time. With Jello cookies, wine and our wedding album along for the ride. It’s going to be a wonderful day and I’m so glad I have the people in my life to share it with. Truly humbling that I’ve been entrusted with so many wonderful relationships.

So to anyone out there who happens to read this, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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