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Life As a Scrapbooking Newlywed

Weekend At Last

on July 20, 2012

It’s finally the weekend, but it’s bittersweet as I wish what happened early this morning in Colorado wasn’t even someone’s passing thought. My heart breaks for all of the friends and family affected by the shooting at the multiplex for the showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I have never and will never understand people. We were already planning on going to see it tomorrow with my brother and now we’re looking forward to being searched upon entering the theater building. My prayers go out to all of those people.

Wednesday was spent hanging out at my aunt’s house with a lot of my other aunts and female cousins, enjoying delicious food and some wine. If only it were for a happier occasion than supporting my aunt in her upcoming battle with cancer. Despite the reason for the get-together, it was absolutely wonderful to be together, support her as a family and laugh. Laughter, as they always say, is the best medicine.

Moving on from the depressing…I’m watching Glee on Netflix for the first time. I’m now on episode 14 of season 1 and I’m not sure why I never watched this before. I love it. A lot.

In just a little bit I’m going to start the scrapbook for our honeymoon. I haven’t scrapbooked for MONTHS and I miss it terribly. So excited I don’t have wedding projects flooding my brain 24/7 anymore and sucking up all of my time.


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