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First Holiday as a Married Couple

on July 4, 2012

Sleeping in this morning was absolutely wonderful besides Baxter not being exactly thrilled with the idea. He’s used to being fed at the “normal” time we’re up throughout the week. He lived.

Matt made us a breakfast of scrambled eggs with extra cheese and milk cooked into them and bacon. It was delicious and I love that I married a man who loves to cook for us. Then we went to fill up our tanks for $0.50 off a gallon – gotta love Kroger.

Since Kohls is right there, we decided to go ahead and use our gift card someone wonderful got us for a wedding gift. Walked away with all kinds of goodies, including a new purse, since my current one decided to break in the parking lot walking towards the door. Just snapped off at the corner. Pretty sure it was fate telling me to get a new purse.

After shopping, we went and spent some time with Mamaw before taking her, my parents and my brother to Matt’s parent’s house for a cookout where we all had a great time. Real hormone-free steaks, potato salad, corn on the cob, mushrooms & onions, broccoli, hot bread and apple pie to top it all off. Soooo delicious.

Once we had finished and settled down for a little bit, Matt, my brother and I went to Strickers Grove while everyone else stayed inside the air conditioning. It was super hot but so worth it. Lyle and I had never been before but we all loved it. Just an old-time amusement park filled with old-timey rides, games and a cute little train that went around the perimeter of the park. My favorite part was definitely the Tilt-O-Whirl, especially the second time when we finally got the timing right on how to spin a lot.

Now Matt and I are relaxing on the couch watching some shows. Not looking forward to going back to work in the morning, but at least it’s only two days before the weekend!


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